Information for Migraine Headache Sufferers

by Dr. Don Colbert
  • Alcohol, especially red wine, is one of the most potent triggers for migraines.
  • Among medications, birth control pills are common initiators of migraines.
  • Common foods that trigger migraines include: chocolate, peanuts, and foods that have been marinated, pickled, or fermented, such as pickled herring. Ripened cheeses, such as cheddar and brie, are also common causes. And processed meats, such as sausage, bologna, pepperoni, salami, and hotdogs, can also bring on a migraine.
  • Two of the most common food additives that trigger migraines include aspartame and MSG (monosodium glutamate); the latter is found in many Chinese foods.
  • Another very common trigger of migraines is withdrawal from caffeine and having low blood sugar.
  • One of the best ways to prevent migraines is to drink at least two quarts of filtered or bottled water a day, and consume adequate amounts of high fiber foods to assure that you have at least one bowel movement a day.

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